ANAC-IP Partylist is an organization of indigenous peoples and cultural minorities, inspired by our forefathers’ struggle and survival , committed to the pursuit of our recognition as members of the community, embracing our culture and traditions, towards nation-building, by active participation and representation in all phases of governance for the preservation and protection of our rights and privileges, and ancestral domain, and ultimately advance our socio-economic status through sound and effective legislation within the framework of national unity and sustainable development


Our vision is the full recognition of our identities, our culture and traditions, our ancestral domain, and the advancement of our economic and social status in a safe and secure environment where we and our families live


  1. To unite and foster camaraderie among members of IP groups and cultural minorities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
  2. To protect the rights of IPs and cultural minorities within the framework of national unity and sustainable development.
  3. To secure and protect the ancestral domain and land entitlement of IPs as may be provided by law.
  4. To promote the inclusion of the study of IPs’ arts, culture, tradition, and heritage in high school and college curriculum and through events, media, and exhibitions.
  5. To initiate and evolve programs designed to preserve and protect the environment.
  6. To work for the representation and participations of IPs in the affairs of all sectors of Government and the automatic appropriation of national funds for the mandatory representation of members of IP organization in local legislative bodies.
  7. To advance a national culture that is Pro-indigenous, peoples, patriotic, progressive and Pro-environment.
  8. To endorse the conversion of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples into constitutional body.
  9. To become the dominant party to represent and protect the rights of the IPs all over the Philippines.